Vertical Turbine Pump Manufacturers in Mumbai


     "PEW" Vertical turbine pump does not require a water source that provides a positive suction pressure. As such, this type of pump is able to operate without priming. The typical supplies for these pumps are underground tanks or wells. When operating, these pumps force water up through the column pipe to the pump discharge. The line shaft turbine pumps have above-ground discharge.



  • Minimum use of floor space.
  • The NPSH available can be the lowest level to satisfy the NPSH requirements of the pump.
  • No priming required, the pump bowl assembly is submerged in the fluid being pumped.
  • This type of pump is highly versatile and adaptable in terms of both location and pump length.


Material of Construction:

Part Name Material
Intermediate Bowl CI FG 200
Upthrust Cushion Stainless Steel
Impeller Bronze
Bowl Shaft SS 410
Discharge Column Adapter Ring  Cast Iron
Motor Adapter Ductile Iron
Cable Guard Stainless Steel
Motor Coupling  Stainless Steel
Line Shaft Bearings Rubber
Bowl Wear Rings Bronze



  • Fire fighting
  • Agricultural pumping
  • Municipal and plant water supply
  • Drainage
  • Flood control
  • Pipeline pumping
  • Power plant service