Line Boosting System Manufacturers in Mumbai

Product Details:

Motor Horsepower 1hp to 10hp 
Speed 1440 RPM
Degree of protection IP 55
Class of Insulation
Direction of rotation Clockwise viewed from Driving end
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous)
Sealing Mechanical Seal
Nominal suction X delivery size in mm 25 X 25, 40 X40, 50 X 50, 65 X 65


      These systems are mainly used for increasing line pressure of the supply line to obtain more water whenever the supply pressure is insufficient to fulfill the water needs of a society or row houses or tenements. These systems are self-start / Stop Systems and require no manual intervention.

These systems include the following components

  1. A Selfpriing Water pump which is the driver of the systems. This pump can be single or Three Phase depending on the availability of power supply at the site single or multistage depending on the delivery head to which the water is to be supplied regular or high discharge models depending on the flow or value of water required the pipe size of the supply line
  2. Control panel – it incorporates the following features : Auto Start / Stop depending on the Presence of water in the line single phasing protection for 3 phase pumps overload protection
  3. Interconnecting cables between the pump and the control panel.


Material of Construction:

Part Name Material
Pump parts & motor body Close-grained cast iron
Impellers Gun Metal LTB 2
Shaft Stainless steel SS 410



  • Hospitals,
  • Residential
  • Industrial and Commercial Complexes
  • High-rise towers
  • Townships
  • Shopping, malls, etc